Global Relations

The Anglican Church of Canada maintains many relationships for mission with other provinces throughout the Anglican Communion. These relationships express our commitment to being a global church partner for God’s mission in the world and our deep need for community in Christ.

Global Relations seeks to serve the Anglican Communion and Anglican Church of Canada as a national hub for global-local mission relationships through direct, covenanted partnership with one or two provinces in each region of the Communion. We also provide resources for assisting Canadian provinces and dioceses seeking to know, love, and follow Jesus in serving God’s mission with others beyond our borders. The Marks of MissionTen Principles of Partnership and Vision 2019 guide this work.

For more information about Global Relations, contact

Dr. Andrea Mann, Director, by email or phone: (604) 366-1954
The Rev. Dr. Isaac Kawuki Mukasa, Africa Relations Coordinator, by email or phone: (416) 924-9199 ext. 209
Claudia Alvarez, Program Associate by email or phone: (416) 924-9199 ext. 270


Relationships with provinces of the Anglican Communion


Global-local mission resources